Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Digital Mandate

In 2007, we'll all have to buy digital televisions if we want to watch anything. Television networks will no long be transmitting in analog making our old televisions useless. You can keep them around to play DVDs and videos, but unless it is a digital television, you won't get any reception. So if you are going out now to buy a set at an after-Christmas sale, you might as well go digital and high definition now.

This also presents a problem and an opportunity. The waste that this mandate is going to produce is incomprehensible. We all know how much Americans love their television and possibly even their television sets. Just about every home has multiple sets. I have two sets and I don't even television reception where I live. I am too cheap to pay the satellite company for television just so I can watch the Daily Show. I get one station with lots of static which makes it looks like every Patriots game is played in a blizzard. Watching year old TV shows on DVDs from Netflix is just fine for me, but I know I am not the norm.

Every municipality, every county, city, town and/or state, is looking for a solution to what to do with the onslaught of televisions that will be coming into their landfills on or around February 17th, 2007 (the supposed cutoff date). The Federal Government hasn't come up with anything yet. I am sure some private sector genius to come up with some use for these. Perhaps they won't be waste after all. Any ideas? Apparently, the rest of the world is going through the same conversion so sending them to Brazil is not an answer.

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