Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Hail Mary

Beth and I went for breakfast this morning at Peggy's Kitchen in Jeffersonville. We went out in the beginning of our blizzard to check out this restaurant's breakfast fare. It was very low on service and food quality but high on ambiance. It is in a beautiful old wood beamed room near the ski areas and inns. Some great people watching there as well.

There was a very enthusiastic Patriots fan at the table next to us. We got into a discussion with him about football. Since Beth is a Bears fan this was a lot of fun, but the discussion got onto Doug Flutie and his famous Hail Mary pass in the 1980's when he was playing for Boston College. Mr. Pats said that the first Hail Mary pass was originally done at Notre Dame and that is why it is called a Hail Mary pass because they are a Catholic school.

Well, I didn't believe this, but I couldn't remember where the term Hail Mary pass came from so I didn't say anything. I googled it when we got back home and I am right ... Mr. Pats is wrong. The original Hail Mary pass was thrown by Dallas Cowboy Roger Staubach on 12/28/1975 in a game at the final seconds game, with no other play possible, he closed his eye, threw the ball into the end zone (apparently said a Hail Mary to himself) and the ball was caught by the receiver. This is the first Hail Mary pass on record in professional football or any other type of football. Doug Flutie's 1984 pass may be the most famous, but Staubach's is the first. I could not find any record of Notre Dame ever completing such a pass.

Go Pats! Go Bears! Both teams play today. Which reminds me, I got to get in the car and drive to the Essex Inn to watch the games on the big screen.

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