Thursday, January 31, 2008

You Have Two More Years To Earn a Million

The magician James Randi, aka The Amazing Randi, offered up $1,000,000.00 to anyone who can proove that they are psychic. The offer was made in 1964 and since has had over 1,000 people apply. They have to prove it in front of members of the James Randi Foundation. Every person who applied has been turned down because they couldn't prove it and no one has ever tried more than once. Everyone from spoon benders and water diviners have applied. The strangest among them is perhaps the woman who claimed that she could make men urinate. A male member of the foundation drank a glass of water and waited for her to make him urinate. She just left after 45 minutes and they have never seen her again.

No famous psychic has ever taken his challenge. No John Edwards or Sylvia Browne. He actually challenged Sylvia Browne on the Larry King Show in 2001 and she has yet to take it. Apparently, they argue over the protocol. To follow this saga see Randi's web site: . There seems to be no limit to the nonsense that people will be believe. All that is needed is a good marketing and you can sell anything.

Randi's challenge for the $1 million expires in 2010. So hurry up whack jobs ... time is running out.

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