Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Barbie and her Liberation Organization

When Mattel introduced the Barbie doll in the 1959 American International Toy Fair, some people were outraged and some thought it would be a failure. Dolls were for children therefore they were made to look like children. Ruth Handler, Barbie's creator, watched her children play with their baby dolls as if they were adults, so why not make a doll of an adult or a teenager. Everyone at the fair hated Barbie, but the consumer is king. She sold out the moment she hit the shelves. 350,000 of them were sold in the first year. Today, every second three Barbies are sold throughout the world.

Jack Ryan was the engineer that designed her. He was a missile designer for Ratheon before working for Mattel. He was also married to Zsa Zsa Gabor. This might explain Barbie's controversial breasts. Her body hasn't changed throughout the years, but her eyes did. In 1971, her eyes were changed to look forward. They originally looked sideways, seductive like.

Barbie has always been controversial in recent years more to do with her unrealistic or unobtainable proportions. Barbie Liberation Organization was formed in 1989 by people who were already pissed off at her anorexic figure but went over the top when they heard what Barbie had to say when she was fitted with a voice box: "Math is hard," "I love shopping!" and "Will we ever have enough clothes?". The BLO (also called RTMark or Registered Trademark) organized the swapping of voice boxes between Barbie and GI Joe making Barbie's voice much deeper and said “Vengeance is mine!” while Joe said "Let's plan our perfect wedding". They then returned them to stores in time for Christmas. I wish I had one of these.

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