Sunday, February 22, 2009

Road Trip log: PA Changes

I take at least one major road trip a year. The more the better. I love being on the road. It is exhausting and sometimes difficult, but in the long run, the stimuli, the experience and the adventure make it worth it.

I noticed a couple of changes in Pennsylvania this year, one change I liked and one I did not. Along the ridge of some mountains, I saw a long line of huge wind mills. I find these to be quite awe-inspiring and exciting. I don't know why anyone would find these to be ugly. There are only 13 of them now, but they are expected to add 51 more soon. This is an awesome trend that I hope catches on everywhere. It is sights like these that make me want to buy products in PA to support their economy.

The change that I saw that I didn't like was electric billboards. It is probably the fact that I live in a state without billboards (against the law in Vermont) that I didn't know about these yet. What an awful idea. They are LED screens and their messages change before your eyes. This idea combines two really bad ideas ... wasting energy and distracting drivers. I find billboards so incredibly ugly. Pennsylvania is such a lovely state, I don't know why they would clutter their countryside with this crap. The all mighter dollar rules, I guess. If not for the windmills, I'd be looking for a way to avoid the state. I love driving through Canada.

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