Monday, May 11, 2009

The Flaming Lips and the Oklahoma State song

A few years ago, my friend Patrick let me borrow a copy of The Flaming Lips CD Yashimi Battles the Pink Robots. I was so impressed. It is not often that I like (or love in this case) a CD on the first listen. It usually takes several close listens. It is not only a great musical experience but it tells a story about a Japanese girl defeating pink robots. How cool is that!

Back in March, the state of Oklahoma voted on a state rock song. Since the Lips are from OK, their song "Do You Realize?" was on the list for Oklahomans to cast their vote for. This is a beautiful song. The other songs included "After Midnight" by JJ Cale, "Home Sweet Oklahoma" by Leon Russell, "Heartbreak Hotel," by Elvis because it was co-written by, Oakie, Mae Boren Axton and Three Dog Night's "Never Been to Spain" written by her son, Hoyt Axton ... among others. The Lips won by a large margin getting 51% of the vote. When one of the band members showed up at the award ceremony with a red t-shirt with a hammer and sickle on it, two Republican state reps made a stink and it was rejected in the state House of Representatives. The governor overrode it and now "Do You Realize?" is OK state's rock song. Nice to see they have time to spend on this kind of stuff!

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