Wednesday, January 20, 2010

11 Minutes of Excitement on Sundays

I have been a baseball fan all my life and I have had to listen to football fans laugh at baseball because of its "lack of action" for decades. At last, today, I feel redeemed by this Wall Street Journal study that claims that each game broadcast on Sundays has an average of 11 minutes of actual action. So when you take out all the timeouts, the flags and huddles ... this past play off weekend (the best games of the year) had an average of 10 minutes and 43 seconds of action. 67 minutes are players just standing around and 17 minutes are replays (so replay get more time than the actual action). I'd love to see the stats on baseball. If you count the time the pitcher throws the ball, baseball would probably have a lot more action than football. It is certainly more interesting and less painful to watch.

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