Thursday, January 21, 2010

Air America is Gone and Why This is a Good Thing

Air America Media stopped broadcasting today at 6pm EST. This was the radio network, founded in 2004, that was supposed to be the left wing (aka liberal) response to right wing radio chatter. I thought it was a bad idea, at the time, and I am not surprised it failed. I also think this is a good thing. It confirms what I have been saying about liberals and conservatives, they are like cats and dogs, respectively. Conservatives are like dogs in that they are easy to organize in a pack and can be rallied around simple calls to action. While liberals are cats. You can have about 100 of them in a room and you will probably have 100 different opinions on any given subjects. I love liberals. That is why I am one. The variety of thought is stimulating, refreshing and sometimes maddening ... but always entertaining. When conversatives go off what liberals are about and what they believe ... I have to laugh. They know nothing about us.

The right wing chatter that Air America was modeled after is hateful and mind-numbing. Hate and fear is easy way to rally people (particularly those who can't think for themselves). Rush and crew do it well. They are very good at their jobs. Such a station would not work for a liberal audience. I only listened to Air America for a short-time and it really turned me off. I did enjoy Al Franken, because he made me laugh, but after a very short time I didn't bother. We don't want to be preached to and liberals would rather hear a good valid argument from all possible sides than hear one-sided crap like Air America. NPR, BBC and CBC do a fine job of moderate discussion with an occasional turned in either directions. They have ombudsmen to make sure they don't go too far. We like them. We don't need an Air America. We are better than that.

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