Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Message for the Democrats #TakeBackCongress2018 #Hindsight2020

It is fairly obvious that I am not happy about the election this year. Not only do we have a white supremacist as president but his party, the Republican party, has control over both Houses of the Congress. I find this terrifying.  I have said it many times here in this blog that I am not a Democrat because I think they are great. I am a Democrat because the Republican party terrifies me. They are a group of privileged rich people, many of them are racists, many of them are misogynists and many are religious extremists. My wife says to me often, so-and-so isn't so bad and I reply, if he/she wasn't so bad they would have left that party long ago. The last Republican I voted for was in 2000, Jim Jeffords, and he quit the GOP the very next year. Currently, our president-elect believes that global warming is a plot invented by China. Our our vice president elect doesn't believe in evolution. Trump's cabinet nominations are rolling in and they are just making me want to put a blanket over my head and roll up into a ball.

So who is to blame?  Blame is spread widely. Ultimately, the voters are to blame. I blame each and every voter who voted for Trump. Yes, I know people are hurting and anxious, but that doesn't excuse voting for this monster. I throw most of my invective your way. The poor will be the people hurt most by his administration and if you voted for him, you deserve it. I also blame the Never Hillary people. Johnson and Stein are not options when there is a chance that Trump could (and did) get elected. I know Hillary was not an ideal candidate.  Having her as a president would be a headache, but I will always choose a headache over an infectious disease. Trump is an infectious disease and now he has a bully pulpit to spread his vitriol. I also blame the people who didn't vote. Apathy is a problem. If just a small number of these people showed up in key states (Florida, Ohio or North Carolina) and voted for Hillary Clinton, we wouldn't have this pig as a president. 

I also blame the Democrats. The Democratic National Committee put their finger on the scale for Hillary. Bernie Sanders would have been a better candidate to beat Trump. His past is squeaky clean and he had enthusiastic young voters behind him. Hillary did get more votes than Trump in this election, but there was a huge enthusiasm gap. Hillary lawn signs and bumper stickers were nowhere to be found. I know that Hillary beat him by 3 million votes, but how close would it have been if the DNC didn't schedule the debates on Saturdays when nobody watches television. The culture of disdain for Sanders at the DNC badly affected his ability to get his message out and to fund raise. I am also disappointed with some of my local politicians. Living in Vermont, I expected my local politicians to support Sanders as Super Delegates. Some of them didn't. Some of them were high profile Dems. My Senator, Patrick Leahy, voted against Sanders.  If Leahy runs again in 2022, I will be voting for a third party candidate. Howard Dean voted against Sanders.

This is a big deal. It is possible that Trump will get four Supreme Court nominees in the next four year. Scalia's spot is still open (thanks the Republican incompetence in the Congress) and we have three Supreme Court Justices that are over 70 years old. Any or all three of them could die by the time Trump is gone.  Think of that for a moment. Liberal complacency needs to stop.  Everything we've worked for over the last 40 years, could be wiped out here.  Good bye abortion rights, good bye any chance to reform voting rights and welcome back Jim Crow.

I usually don't vote for a third party candidate because they usually don't have a chance to win. The idea to vote for the person that will beat the Republican. But since the Democrats are so incompetent that they can't even beat a racist pig with no government experience, they have made it clear that they can't win either. So I might as well vote for someone in the Green Party. Democrats, consider yourself on notice. If you don't take the Senate back, at least, in 2018, you are dead to me. The first thing that Trumps does that is considered an impeachable offense, you better act on it. I don't want to see his name on the ballot in 2020.  In 2020, we will remember how we felt in November 2016. Hindsight is 20/20. #Hindsight2020

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Olga Hebert said...

The Supreme Court is a very big worry. Also, I can't help but think that The orange one will not maintain interest in actually being president and most of the day to day work will get delegated to Pence and he is scary. I think Hillary was at least qualified to be president. I do at least think she could have passed the test that immigrants must pass to become citizens. I doubt the orange one would have been able to do so. Clearly most of his supporters would not pass. I have the dread fear that Kim Kardashian might be out first female president given the general level of political intelligence displayed in this election. God help us all...and I am not even a believer.