Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It's Their Party and I Will Cry If I Want To - Trump Log - Issue # 2

I can think of only one good thing about Trump being our next president, it proves me right. I have been saying for years for how disgusting the Republican party is. I really wish I were wrong. We have white supremacist groups rallying, we have hate crimes on the rise and a potential cabinet of scary monsters.  I don't know what other proof any reasonable person needs to want to wipe this party off the map. If there were any decent Republicans before left the Trump election, I would think they would have left by now. 

 Here is this week's Trump log:

11/22/16 - During the campaign, Trump threatens to eliminate the freedom of the press, one of our core freedom protected in the Bill of Rights. Now that he is president elect, he assembled the main television network's news people for an off-the-record meeting. He says he wants a "cordial" relationship with the press. But that isn't the press's job, is it?  (Source: NPR

11/21/16 - It is clear that Trump will not change and will not start acting presidential. He continues to lash out on Twitter. Over the weekend he lashed out at Saturday Night Live and the cast of the Broadway musical, "Hamilton." (Source: New York Times)

11/20/16 - Trump's nomination for National Security Adviser is General Michael Flynn who seems unhinged. (Source: New York Times)

11/19/16 - Thousands of acres of conservation land could be in jeopardy of being opened to logging, coal mining and oil drilling under Trump's Interior. Do yourself a favor, visit Glacier National Park before it is devastated. (Source: New York Times)

11/18/16 - Trump continues to fill his chambers with deplorables. Jeff Sessions gets nominated for Attorney General. We don't have enough problems with race in this country, but now we're going to have a racist as AG.  Sessions, an ex-Senator, was rejected for a federal court seat in 1986 because he was deemed unfit. (Source: The Guardian)

11/17/16 - Trump campaigned to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). He has since back pedaled and said that he would like to keep some of it, which is good news. But one of things that he plans to do away with is the Medicaid expansion which will hurt the poorest among us.
(Source: New York Times).

11/16/16 -Trump plans to roll bank a good portion of the Dodd-Frank bill which is distressing for two reason. 1) He wants to eliminate the Volcker Rule which is the provision that prevents banks from using your savings for risky investment. The intention of the rule was to help prevent another banking crisis.  2) They want to eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which is Senator Warren's baby. It is obvious that they are playing to their base. No, not the poor white people that voted for them, but the millionaires and billionaires ... his real base. (Source: New York Times)

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Olga Hebert said...

Well, of course you cannot rely on the NYT for accurate information as they use a disrespectful tone towards he who is orange.