Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Orange Is the New Black: Trump Log #7

I struggle with trying to find something positive with our new President. I've been looking everywhere in his decision making and I find little. Some things you just have to wait to see how they pan out. Take his trade policies, perhaps he's right, bringing manufacturing  back to the US may create jobs for the working class. But I doubt it. Most manufacturing jobs in America have been displaced by automation, not foreign competition. Also, the idea of having more manufacturing with a depleted EPA scares me. Are we going to back to the smog days of the 1970's with our rivers catching fire?

The use of Twitter as a communication tool to deliver complicated messages is very troubling. 140 characters is very limiting and leads to vague messaging. Trump's advisor keep telling the media "this is what he meant" ... perhaps he shouldn't be using a tool that has so many nuances. Are his administration's press briefings just going to be clarification sessions of the tweets of the night before?

This week's Trump Log:

12/27/16 - 10,000 doctors sign petition opposing Trump's nomination of Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services. (Source: New York Times)

12/26/16 - A trade war is coming. (Source: New York Times)

12/25/16 - While Trump himself is full of conflicts of interest, his cabinet picks are no different. His pick for Health and Human Services made a lot of money trading in health care stock while he created health care laws in Congress.  (Source: Slate)

12/24/16 - Trump aims to destroy Obama's legacy, this is obvious. But his recent comments on Twitter about expanded our nuclear arsenal, threatens the legacies of Presidents going back to Nixon not to mention the security of the planet. (Source: New York Times

12/23/16 - It is clear that the Trump administration is going to be pro-Russia and anti-China. His new created presidential office for US trade and industrial policy with be headed by Peter Navarro, a well known China antagonist. (Source: The Guardian)

12/22/16 - If you donate a large gift to the Opening Day Foundation, Trump's inauguration fund, you can get access to Trump and his family.  (Source: New York Times)

12/21/16 - Every businessman we have ever had as president has been an awful president. The skills don't necessarily translate. Trump's transactional diplomacy may not work on a global scale. (Source: Washington Post)

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