Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Unbearable Lightness of Tweeting - Trump Log #6

I thought it would go away, but it just seems to be getting worse. Each day, I hate Trumps supporters more. Perhaps it is because Trump is revealing himself to be as bad as I suspected or even worse. I used to put Trump supporters in two categories, the morally corrupt and the complete idiot (with some crossover). Now I believe I have found a third category: those who wanted change and who were not turned off enough by Trump's racism/misogyny et al. They feel his behavior is a concern, but they can look past this. Lets call them the angry white voter. They are the people who are doing fine, but not as well as they'd like, so they could give a shit if them doing a little bit better would fuck over a good portion of the American public. I know one Trump supporter who talks about how difficult it is getting by, which is true, but this guy owns a boat, a huge boat, not a row boat or a commercial fishing boat, but a boat ... for fun. I'm guessing life isn't that bad for him. But hey, if we could kick a million Americans off of their health care, maybe he could have two boats ... and that's all that matters.

It is official, as of yesterday, that Trump will be our next president. Hopefully, I am wrong and he will be fine. In looking at his behavior as President-elect, I find this to be unlikely. His priorities seem to be out of whack. He doesn't have time to get daily intelligence briefings but does have time to tour the country for victory rallies, take P.R. pictures with Kanye West and be the executive producer of a moronic television show.

This week's Trump Log:

12/20/16 - Trump's pick for the director of the Office of Management and Budget is one of the congressman who refused to increase the debt ceiling. If he takes this approach into the budget office, our economy and the world economy could really suffer.  (Source: Washington Post)

12/19/16 - Trump's decision making process is problematic. He seems to be swayed by the last person who talks to him before a decision is made, he has a disdain for experts and he lags an ideology so advisers generally don't know how he will stand on any particular issue. (Source: Washington Post)

12/18/16 - Trump is critical of everyone except for Putin. (Source: New York Times)

12/17/16 - If you are concerned about the humane treatment of animals, then you should be concerned about who Trump is considering as Secretary of Agriculture, Butch Otter. (Source: Politico)

12/16/16 - Trump continues to surrounding himself with advisers who are anti-science. Whether they are really this ignorant or just pretending to appeal to their political base of morons, is unknown.  This Trump advisor, Anthony Scaramucci, compares the belief in global warming to the belief in a flat Earth and thinks the planet is only 5,500 years old.  (Source: Slate)

12/15/16 - Republicans have few ideas on how to replace the Affordable Care Act. Whether repeal and replace or simply repeal, millions will lose their health care coverage. (Source: Washington Post)

12/14/16 - Another oil man joins the Trump cabinet. Ex-Governor of Texas Rick Perry, who once proposed doing away with the Department of Energy, is Trump's Secretary of that Department. He continues to appoint people who are hostile to the department they will head.  (Source: The Guardian)

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Olga Hebert said...

Yes. That attitude is not new and it has always befuddled me. I read once that working class people admire the very wealthy and dislike the poor. The poor are to be envied after all because they get everything for "free" and it's not fair. So trade places and see how that works out.