Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The First Cyber Bully President - Trump Log #5

If you are wondering what it is going to be like to have Trump as president, look no further than the experience with Carrier Corporation this week. Trump campaigned to make corporations, that move job abroad, to pay higher taxes as a punishment. Yet, he does the opposite with Carrier and he portrays it as a success with most of the media is taking the bait. Carrier did keep about 1,000 jobs in the US which is great for those people who get to keep their jobs, but over 1,000 jobs still moved to Mexico. Also, those 1,000 jobs that stayed are going to be funded by Indiana tax payers. Instead of making a corporation pay, they are getting rewarded for keeping less than half of the jobs in the plant. Trump's Vice President, Mike Pence, is still the governor of that state which made it easier to get this done. You have to wonder if they are going to try to "make America great again" by micromanaging like this and how effective it is going to be when he doesn't have a governor in his pocket. All of it is difficult to bear, especially the backslapping from our hapless media outlets. 

Among Trump's picks for his cabinet so far we have an education secretary that is against public education, an EPA secretary that is hostile to the environment, a HUD secretary is against integrated housing and a small business director that has never owned a small business. Once again, we have an anti-government administration that will prove how ineffective government is by making it so.

Trump Log:
12/13/16 - Trump nominates Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, America's top diplomat. He is another oil man with a ton conflicting interests in the Middle East as well as strong ties to Russia.  (Source: Washington Post).

12/12/16 - Even though there are more states that have legalized pot (in one form or another), Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions may be more interested in going after potheads than hate groups. (Source: Politco)

12/11/16 - Trump continues to bring into question any information that doesn't support him and his agenda regardless of where it is from or who is stating it. This includes reports from the CIA about Russian hacking. He continues to miss daily intelligence briefings. You have to wonder what his relationship will be with the FBI and the CIA once he is president. (Source: Washington Post).

12/10/16 - Trump's Transition Team is creating a hit list of Dept. of Energy employees in the past who worked on climate change. (Source: Washington Post)

12/9/16 - Trump's erratic behavior and inconsistent message is making it difficult to do business in America.  The auto industry is stymied as to what the new President's policies are going be. (Source: New York Times)

12/8/16 - Trump appoints oil man and opponent of Obama climate change policies, Scott Pruitt,  as head of the EPA. (Source: New York Times)

12/7/16 - Isolationism affects more than just the economy. The world has less war today than at any point in human history, a global economy has a lot to do with us. (Source Washington Post)

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