Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Art of the Misdeal - Trump Log #4

I've spent last weekend in Washington DC. I am guessing this is the last time in a while I will get to see this town before it gets Trumped on. I spent some time with some locals, friends and friends of friends, whose moods all seem to range from anger to depression about who will occupy the Executive office.  It is more a local thing outrage in their life. When their roads are blocked and a motorcade drives by, they don't mind so much when it is someone they like driving by ... they think they will mind when it is for a pussy-grabbing racist demagogue with delusions of godhood.  Most of us will just get screwed indirectly, but for the locals in DC, it is personal. 

Here is this week's Trump log:

12/6/16 - Trump's pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, refers to her work in education reform as advancing "God's kingdom," a clear violation of the separation of church and state. (Source: Politico)

12/5/16 - Trump continues to lie about "millions" of votes being cast illegally.  There is no evidence of massive fraud yet he continues to beat this drum. Belief in voter fraud usually leads to more strict laws at the polls, preventing more citizens from voting. (Source: New York Times)

12/4/16- If Trump follows through on his trade policies, it could not only badly affect our economy but also Mexico's.  When Mexico economy crashes, this usually mean more violence and more immigration to the US, legally or otherwise. (Source: Washington Post)

12/3/16 - Trump's tax plan just doesn't add up. His cuts in taxes are not matched by cuts in spending creating an even bigger deficit. If this is the way he used to run his businesses, this might explain those six bankruptcies that we heard so much about during the election. (Source: Washington Post)

12/2/16 - Trump's lack of using advisers is showing us how his administration will be run. Instead of tapping into the resources at his disposal, he will make decisions on a gut level giving the rest of us gas. (Source: New York Times)

12/1/16 - Trump has assembled the wealthiest cabinet ever, made of a people who have been born millionaires.  Instead of draining the swamp, he is laminating it in gold (Source: Washington Post)

11/30/16 - Trump says he is going to back out of the Iran deal because "it's a bad deal."  But backing out of deals made by previous administrations sets a poor precedent. Why would anyone deal with us in the future?  (Source: New York Times)

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