Tuesday, January 24, 2017

American Carnage: Trump Log # 11

When you are born into privilege, equality feels like oppression. This is what is happening with white people in America. They feel a mere slide in their privilege and this makes them into reactionary thugs, blaming all their ills on immigrants and any shadowy other. Trump feeds on these fears. He appeals to these emotions, like a super villain, with his dog whistle racism and his aura of doom. His inauguration speech is an inaccurate portrayal of America  as there could be. But inaccuracy doesn't matter to his mob of followers and white people still do okay in this country. While blacks make up 12 to 13% of our population, they make up 35% of our prison population and their unemployment is higher. Also, our country is in pretty good shape and on a good upswing. Crime, especially violent crime, is the lowest it has been in decades. Yet he feeds them (us) this steady diet of darkness with terms like "American carnage" and "despair and decay." Does he really believe this stuff?  How would he know despair or carnage? The view from his ivory tower doesn't see that far.

Trump Log: 
1/24/17 - Trump refuses to divest from Scottish golf courses. He resigned as director on the day before the inauguration, but remains in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. A conflict of interest between his presidency and his business interests still exist. (Source: The Guardian)

1/23/17 - For someone who claimed he was going to be ready on day one, he is extremely unprepared. (Source: New York Times)

1/22/17 - On Trump's first full day in office, he visited the intelligence community with the intention of mending their relationship after he compared them to Nazis on Twitter. Instead of addressing the rift, he instead went on a rant about the press and continued to lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. His press secretary seems to be as a big of a liar as he is. (Source: Washington Post)

1/21/17 - President Trump has already started to repeal parts of the ACA (aka Obamacare) with an executive order with no replacement plan anywhere close to ready. (Source: New York Times)

1/20/17 - On Inauguration Day, Trump's cabinet and staff are not only the least complete and least experienced, but will probably be the most corrupt. (Source: New York Times)

1/19/17 - Every public school teacher I know knows what IDEA is (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education doesn't. Other than No Child Left Behind, it is most important education bill in our lifetime. Devos is woefully unqualified.  (Source:Washington Post)

1/18/17 - Human Rights Watch issued its annual report of threats to human rights around the world. For the first time in 27 years, the US is listed as a top threat because of the rise of Trump. (Source: New York Times)

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