Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Our Last Week To Hold Our Heads Up Proud - Trump Log #10

Trump seems to be critical of everyone except Russia and Putin. He claims he wants a good working relationship with Putin. Perhaps, but I am not sure why he would not want the same working relationship with China or Congress or anyone else. I try to take people at their word, but with Trump, I am not sure why I should.

This week Buzzfeed released a dossier by British intelligence about how Russia has been collecting information about Trump for years, containing incriminating information both personal and professional. Both President Obama and the President-elect have been briefed on the contents of the dossier and it has been available to the media outlets for weeks yet no one has released it until now. Why? Mostly because it is difficult to substantiate. Most media outlets needed more verification on it. Buzzfeed, the new media, has less of a base in journalistic ethics, and decided not to sit on it anymore.

Are their contents true? Who knows! Did Trump pay prostitutes to pee on him while on a business trip? I don't know if we will ever know. Do I have a problem mentioning it? No. I remember how Trump used to spend the birther rumors about President Obama and he had no problem that there was no truth to it. It really makes you think, the one entity that he is nice to has dirt on him ... do we have a situation that our new leader is being blackmailed to ease sanctions on Russia? Who knows?

1/17/17 - Trump's war on the Fourth Estate begins. He plans to move the press briefings out of the White House and to be held less often. This means less access to media therefore less oversight from the people. (Source: PBS)

1/16/17 - European leaders are nervous over Trump's lack of support for EU and NATO. (Source: Washington Post)

1/15/17 - Trump's pick for the EPA is probably his worst pick of them all. The case Pruitt fought against the EPA at Alabama is a perfect example of why a strong Federal EPA is so important. Natural resources like water and air cross state borders. (Source: New York Times

1/14/17 - Trump's pick for the head of the CIA might be his most frightening pick yet. Pompeo is anti-Muslim and a Christian soldier seemingly on a mission from God. (Source: Slate)

1/13/17 -Trump and his cabinet don't agree on much. This is no team of revivals, this is a team of type A assholes who are used to getting their way. The chasm is wide, much wider than usual. Here is a short list of subjects that they disagree on: the use of torture, the Iran agreement, Putin as a threat, ban on Muslim immigration, our commitment to NATO, nuclear policy, the validity of intelligence agencies' reports on Russian hacking, global climate change, the Paris Agreement and the Mexican border wall. (Source: New York Times)

1/12/17 - Half of Trump's cabinet has no government experience. Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearings shows one of the reason this is a problem. Answering to Senators, Congressmen and voters is very different than answering to shareholders. (Source: Washington Post)

1/11/17 - Trump just assigned anti-vaccine whack-job as chair of a panel on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. The war on science continues. (Source: Scientific American)

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