Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week One AKA Hell Week: Trump Log #12

I once had this naive idea that once Trump became President, I'd have difficulty finding my daily links for my Trump Log. The opposite has happened. I find so much each day, it is difficult to choose which link to go with.

I can't seem to get away from it. I listen to an interview with Journalist Evan Osnos on NPR's Fresh Air that seemed to have nothing to do with Trump and yet I hear terrifying news on this show as well (NPR's Fresh Air - show from January 25th - "Survival of the Richest"). Towards the end of the interview, he talks about Trump's insistence on using the one China policy as a bargaining chip. His observations are very scary. This is one policy that China deems non-negotiable and will go to war over it. Trump has already violated it and offended them by calling Taiwan. Trump is unhinged and he has a nuclear arsenal at his disposal. He needs to removed from office, not later, but now.

1/31/17 - The number of travelers affected by Trump's Muslim-ban is much higher than the administration says. They continue to lie to us on an unprecedented scale. (Source: Washington Post)

1/30/17 - Trump's first week sets the bar very low. Sean Spicer and he have lied so much that it will be difficult to believe them in the weeks to come. When something really important comes up, how will we know we can trust them or that we are hearing the truth? (Source: The Atlantic)

1/29/17 - The director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were removed from the National Security Council. They will sit in on meetings only when their specific roles are discussed. In their place Trump added white supremacist Steve Bannon who has no experience in such matters. This elevates the founder of fake news site Breibart News to a role beyond politics but into policy. (Source: Washington Post)

1/28/17 - Trump signed an executive order banning immigration from seven majority Muslim countries, yet three countries left off the list (Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia) happen to be countries where Trump is doing business. His conflict of interest couldn't be more blatant. (Source: Bloomberg News)

1/27/17 - Four of the State Department's senior diplomats have been forced to resign. These are posts that usually have longevity spanning across administrations and decades. This means that Trump's state department, with the President and Secretary of State with no experience, has very little institutional memory. (Source: Washington Post)

1/26/17 - As we plummet toward peak oil, we need to move away from oil production and towards more renewable resources. Our prior President understood this, but Trump and his oil rich cabinet want to move us backward. It has nothing to do with jobs, it has to do with greed. (Source: New York Times)

1/25/17 - Trump institutes a gag order on the EPA. Under this order none of the employees can communicate with the media, no press releases, no blog posts, nothing. So much for transparency. This is something governments do when they are doing something that they shouldn't. What are they doing? Are they converting our Environmental Protection Agency to be a branch of the Energy Department? Who knows! (Source: Reuters)

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Olga Hebert said...

I thought of you often this past week -- what will Mark end up writing with SO MUCH material? It is discouraging.

I have really been wondering about Putin having a plan to manipulate #45 into something with China. Something that will not be to the benefit of the U.S. but will have everything to do with a Putin agenda. But then it also seems that we have manipulators much closer to home and every bit as dangerous.