Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Are We Great Again, Yet? - Trump Log #13

If you have ever worked for a manager who was erratic and authoritarian, you know how unhealthy it is. You go about your day fearing the loss of your job among people who are doing the same. It is not an environment conducive to creativity but one of playing it safe. People are more concerned about covering their ass than they are about doing their best. Being seen and noticed is not your motive, but to get through the days in the shadows is your goal and if something goes wrong, finger pointing commences.  This is what it must be like working in the Trump administration.

This is the type of environment that doesn't produce loyalty and is conducive to stress. One has to wonder how the retention rate will be for high ranking government employees particular in an economy in an upswing. Looks like the brain drain in this administration will continue.

2/7/17 - Over a quarter of a million jobs in America are in the solar industry, more than in coal. Yet Trump's energy plan doesn't even mention solar. (Source: Washington Post)

2/6/17 - If the Trump administration were a boat, it would be sinking. The number of leaks coming out of his administration is unprecedented. (Source: Washington Post)

2/5/17 - Trump is expected to issue another executive order to roll back Dodd-Frank which regulates banks. Since it was designed to help prevent banks from acting risky with our money, I suspect more banking shenanigans. This is a gift to his Wall Street pals. (Source: Washington Post)

2/4/17 - As a result of Trump not divesting, the tax payers are in an impossible situation of providing security for this children when they go on business trips. (Source: Washington Post)

2/3/17 - True to form, on the top of Trump's list as possible European Union's ambassadors is Ted Malloch, a businessman who has compared the EU to the Soviet Union and believes it needs "taming." In the first time in their history, officials at the EU say they would reject Malloch as an ambassador.  (Source: BBC)

2/2/17 - Trump has his worst phone call yet with another world leader with a phone call with Australian PM Turnbull became testy. This is the leader of one of our greatest allies. By the end of the Trump presidency, we'll be lucky if we have any allies left ... other than Russia.  (Source: New York Times)

2/1/17 - Trump is expected to lay off two thirds of the EPA. (Source: Washington Post)

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