Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Anti-Presidency - Tяump log #16

I thought my anger toward Trump supporters/voters would subsided by now. In actuality, it has only gotten stronger. Each time the scab starts to grow over the wound, I read another headline and I rip off the scab to keep it fresh. I hear some say, "they didn't know how bad he was going to be" and I simply "Really?" ... and what about his campaign didn't make them believe he was going to be this bad? For those who have buyer's remorse and regret voting for him, I add pity to my derision. I only hope their regret remains until mid-term elections.

I don't consider myself a one issue voter, but for a while now, I have made the environment my top priority as a voter. This fact has put me solid in the blue column. The most recent Bush administration had such a bad environmental record, I made an anti-Republican pledge to not vote for a Republican on any level of government. I suggest you do the same. If there were a Republican running for dog catcher, I'd vote against them. My wife tells me often that not all Republicans are disgusting and I usually respond, "if they weren't, they would have left this party by now."  Not to sound smug, but this Trump administration has proven me correct on this one. I am no lover of the Democrats. The D's have their problems, but I will choose one of them or any other party before I choose an R, until they change. If you are wonder why, you need not go any further than this week's Trump log.

2/28/17  - Trump instructs the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers to roll back an Obama regulation called the Waters of the United States Rule. Rolling back this rule would make it easy for agricultural and development concerns to drain wetlands. (Source: Washington Post)

2/27/17 - Trump's budget dramatically increases defense spending and decreases spending on domestic agencies, especially the EPA. It ignores infrastructure. It is the opposite of what we actually need. (Source: New York Times

2/26/17 - Trump's nominee for Secretary of Commerce's, Wilbur Ross, approach to trade is the exact opposite to the approached that Trump spoke of during his campaign. He has made millions off of free trade.  (Source: New York Times)

2/25/17 - Trump bans some media outlets who were critical to his administration (CNN, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Politico) from press briefing. This is an assault on the freedom of the press. Assault on the press is usually one of the first step of any autocratic regime. (Source: Washington Post)

2/24/17 - International travel to the US is down significantly since Trump became president. This is very bad news to regions (like my own) that rely on tourism. (Source: Frommers)

2/23/17 - As expected, our Mexican border wall is probably not going to be a wall, but a fence. Not unlike what we already have but just a little bit longer.  (Source: The Guardian)

2/23/17 - Trump's loosening of regulation on coal mining's waste dumping will not create a lot of jobs, if any. It will only damage the mountain streams. (Source: New York Times)

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