Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oh This Again - Tяump log #17

One of the things I fear the most about Trump is that he will become normal. His lies may just become so familiar to us that we stop noticing. His supporters are hopeless, I am not talking about them. I am talking about everyone else. Will the smoke screen of lies become so common place that we'll just become tired and apathetic. Feeling so hopeless, we'll lose energy and feel demoralized. It is easy to become a doormat and to escape into the wonders of our Netflix queue.

Robert Reich, President Clinton's ex-Labor Secretary, posted an excellent video recently putting Trump's lies in perspective. I suggest you watch it, often.  

It will remind you what is going on and will help you fight it. Media needs to be held accountable along with our government. They need to do their job and to call a lie, a lie. And we need to stop being so polite to his supporters so spread his dribble.

3/7/17 - Backing out of the Paris Agreement would have a negative impact on how the US is perceived internationally. If agreements are not honored across administrations, why would countries make any agreements with us. Trump's administration is split on the subject with his most trusted adviser, Bannon, and Trump leaning towards dropping out of the agreement. (Source: Washington Post)

3/6/17 - All else aside, the most terrifying part of Trump's presidency is this unstable man's access to nuclear weapons. But to extend this a bit further, he will be renegotiating the New Start Treaty with Russia. This is a treaty, negotiated in 2011 by President Obama, limiting the size of our arsenals that was overwhelmingly approved by the Senate and unanimously by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but was called "just another bad deal" by Trump after he looked at it for a few seconds. (Source: New York Times)

3/5/17 - We have more bullshit, more lies coming out of Trump's mouth. This time it is about ex-president Obama wire tapping him. Does he believe this stuff and is he just that paranoid? There is so much that he could be working on, but instead he'd rather play games and release smoke screens that are hiding the fact that he is getting nothing done, nothing worth doing at least. (Source: New York Times)

3/4/17 - Trump claims he wants to create jobs, but none of those are government jobs though. Of the top 1,000 officials needed to run the government, he has only filled less than three dozen. We'll see if the government can work without it, but in the meantime, those people who would fill those government will be competing with the rest of us in the job pool.  (Source: New York Times)

3/3/17 - Trump's 2016 campaign was mostly funded by himself. This was because most big donors didn't take him seriously. He started fund raising for 2020 almost immediately and he won't have to use his own money this time. If he is still around for 2020, expect his campaign to be well funded. (Source: Politico)

3/2/17 - Jeff Session's, Trump's Attorney General, lied to congress during his confirmation hearings. He met with Russian officials twice during the election. He has recused himself because the department he runs, the Justice Department, is in charge investigating Russia's rule in US election hacking. Others, like myself, just want him to resign. (Source: Washington Post)

3/1/17 - Trump's first official address to the nation was, as expected, full of inaccuracies to make himself look better.  A lot of his old favorites were there exaggerating positive number in his favor and sometimes taking credit for decisions that were made before he took office. (Source: Washington Post)

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Olga Hebert said...

I see the tantruming twitterer and Kim Jung-un as four year olds playing with matches in a closet. The world will blow up before they are through.