Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our So-Called President #scrotus: Tяump log #14

One of the biggest complaints about Hillary Clinton during the election was her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State for government classified business. Yet, the same crowd doesn't seem to care that Trump's famous Twitter account is tied to a Gmail account. He also uses an unmodified old Android phone linked to that insecure Twitter account. What kind of mischief could be caused by someone hacking these?  Well, lets see ... what stock to do you want to crash? What country to do you want to talk about nuking?  It only goes to show how fake the outrage was over Clinton's email server was. The problems with security in this administration are not limited to Trump's phone.

2/14/17 - Trump has a dinner meeting with Japanese delegation at a club with very little security.  As an international crisis unfolds, wait staff and other diners post pictures on Facebook. (Source: New York Times)

2/13/17 - The President's National Security Council is in a state of disarray. Flynn lied to Pence when he was vetted to be head of the NSC. He was fired from Obama administration for being unstable, yet Trump didn't think this was a red flag. (Source: New York Times

2/12/17 - Trump issues another executive order requesting local governments to report any crime committed by undocumented immigrants so that it can compile a list of such crimes. Yet, any such data collection in the past have failed due to state and local governments not being interested, having too few resources and there being no standards for such collection. Since his administration has no interest in real facts, what's the point?  (Source: Washington Post)

2/11/17 - You can say good-bye to Net Neutrality. (Source: New York Times)

2/10/17 - Trump is using his Twitter account to intimidate Nordstrom for cancelling their business deal with his daughter Ivanka. This is a major violation of ethics rules. (Source: New York Times)

2/9/17 - It is not your imagination.  There has been an uptick in hate crimes since Trump was elected. (Source: Slate)

2/8/17 - It is not only Americans that are nervous over Trump. This is a wide spread global phenomenon: Sweden, for example. (Source: Washington Post)

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