Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Countdown to Armageddon - Trump Log # 8

January 20th is fast approaching. In a lot of ways, these Trump logs seem to be a countdown to the end of the world. We will have a president that ignores science as well as his own intelligence reports. He talks of starting a new Cold War while also being buddy-buddy with the tyrannical leader of Russia. He thumbs his nose at diplomatic protocol and is unpredictable and reactionary. I fear the worst while hoping for the best.

The hope I find is in his likelihood of impeachment. On his first day in office, if he doesn't divest, he will be violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. All we will need is the political will to impeach him. We'll need just a few members of his own party to jump ship which shouldn't be hard once his popularity tanks and even popular presidents tank occasionally. He will be inaugurated with a 40% approval rating which is miserable and nowhere close to a mandate.

Trump Log:

1/3/17 - One of Trump's campaign mantras was "drain the swamp," yet it seems he is not draining the swamp but simply making it bigger, appointing DC insiders, billionaires with little experience and yes-men to his cabinets and White House staff. Will his supporters notice or even care?  (Source: Washington Post)

1/2/17 - All the fact checking web sites, throughout the election, showed Trump as the biggest liar among all the candidates. Lying has served him well, so there is no motivation to stop.  Apparently, lying along with him might just be good for your pocketbook. (Source: New York Times

1/1/17 - Happy New Year !

12/31/16 - Trump's latest consideration for Agricultural Secretary is a lot like Trump in that his opinions change depending on whoever is in the room. (Source: Politico)

12/30/16 - The relationship between Trump and Putin gets more concerning by the day. (Source: New York Times)

12/29/16 - Americans are incredibly ill informed, Trump supporters even more so. How bad will it get when Trump tries to please his base who believe some very outlandish things? (Source: Washington Post)

12/28/16 - With a weak, unknowledgeable Rick Perry as Energy Secretary, we could see a resurgence of nuclear testing. Which could motivation other countries to follow suit. (Source: New York Times)

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