Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Let the Confirmations (or Lack Thereof) Begin - Trump Log #9

How awful is Trump?  Well ... the greatest actress in the English language just accepted a lifetime achievement award and spent her entire acceptance speech, not thanking everyone in her past, but bashing Trump. It says a lot.

The cabinet confirmations start this week. He has nominated the wealthiest and least experienced cabinet in history. Many of them have no experience in government on any level. The White House staff doesn't have to be approved by Congress. His top three advisers, Steven Bannon (white supremacist), Reince Priebus and Jared Kushner (Trump's son-in-law) have never held a government job. It might be entertaining watching their first 100 days, but mostly it will be terrifying.

Lets hope that Congress does their job and rejects a bunch of them. I am not holding my breath on this.

This Week's Trump Log:

1/10/17 - Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings start today. Lets hope that his history of corruption in Alabama is brought to light.  (Source: Slate)

1/9/17 - Jeff Sessions' record on the death penalty is terrifying. (Source: New York Times)

1/8/17 Trump's teenage-like trolling on Twitter is having real world affects on markets. There is no sign that this is going to stop.  (Source: Washington Post)

1/7/17 - Trump still insists that Mexico will pay for a wall, something that is not needed, extremely expensive and impractical. No one outside the Trumpisphere believes that Mexico will pay for it. He wants to start building it with tax payer money and then get Mexico to pay for it afterward, while we have real infrastructure needs. (Source: New York Times)

1/6/17 - I'm not the only person who is scared shitless about this new president. Apparently, there are people who know much more than I do that is even more scared than I am.  (Source: Politico)

1/5/17 - Trump plans to resurrect the torture policies from the Bush era and this will justify other countries to do the same. (Source: New York Times)

1/4/17 - If there is any issue that unites the left and right in America, it is the belief that the big banks need to be reigned in. Any hope of that being done just died with Trump nominating Jay Clayton as head of the SEC. (Source: Washington Post)

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