Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tяump log #18

Fifty days into President Obama's administration, he had already passed major legislation, the stimulus bill. The same amount of time into Trump's, we have nothing close to this. His administration is badly lagging behind all other administration in regards to hiring key positions. 20 high ranking State Department jobs have yet to be filled and have no sign of them ever being filled. Republicans show us again and again, how government is ineffective ... when they are in charge. 

3/14/17 - The Congress Business Office, a non-partisan watchdog group, has published a report stating that Trumpcare, over time, will results in 24 million Americans without health insurance. As expected, Trump has responded by calling them liars. (Source: New York Times)

3/13/17 - The man who claimed he had a plan, obviously has no plan to defeat ISIS. If anything, he's made things worse with his Muslim ban which is being used as a recruiting tool by radical groups.  (Source: New York Times)

3/12/17 - Trump orders 46 holdover prosecutors from the Obama to resign immediately. It doesn't matter if they are working on a major investigation, just leave. (Source: New York Times)

3/11/17 - The Energy Star program is the perfect government program. It is voluntary, it is a low cost to the tax payer, it saves consumer's money and cuts emissions of greenhouse gases. Everyone is a winner, yet Trump and his awful EPA head, Pruitt, are cutting it. The next time you buy an appliance, good luck determining if it is energy efficient. (Source: Washington Post)

3/10/17 - The only reason autocratic governments, like China, tolerate the presence of America media is because they have the power of the US government's state department behind them.  Since Trump is so anti-press, it is getting increasingly unsafe to be a foreign correspondent. (Source: Washington Post)

3/9/17 - Trump proposes cutting HUD by $6 billion, mostly affecting building maintenance and development projects. So if you are in assisted housing and the building is falling apart ... too bad. The US government has some weapons they'd rather be making. (Source: Washington Post)

3/8/17 - Trump proposes funding the building of his bullshit Mexican border wall by cutting the budgets of some vital security organizations like the US Coast Guard, TSA and FEMA.  (Source: Washington Post)

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