Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Longest Tax Audit in History: Trump log #19

The amount of lying and lack of transparency of the President is making this very incompetent administration seem a lot worse than they actually are ... if that is possible. If there is nothing wrong with his tax returns, then he should release them. Our only assumption, we can make without seeing them is that he has something to hide.  We will only assume the worse. What assumptions will we make? Massive cash flow from Russian interests, lack of charitable giving, Congressmen being bought, etc. I am guessing the biggest concern that this egomaniac has is that we'll all find out how bad and unethical of a business man he really is. This is the assumption I will go with until I hear otherwise.

Trump log for week of 3/21/17:
3/21/17 - The President's daughter, Ivanka, will be getting a White House office. Because she is not officially an employee, the ethics rules are a little murky. (Source: Politico)

3/20/17 - In an act of absolute paranoia, Trump has appointed his surrogates as spies in the each of his cabinet departments. (Source:Washington Post)

3/19/17 - Rural America elected Trump, yet they are the most badly affected by his policies. One of these ways: doctors having VISA problems.  (Source: New York Times)

3/18/17 - Trump's gutting of the EPA has far and long reaching affects not just upon the US, but our neighbors as well.  Canadians are concerned as well.  (Source: New York Times)

3/17/17 - Another aide to the president, Sebastian Gorka, has connections to anti-Semitic groups. (Source: Slate)

3/16/17 - A few pages of Trump's 2005 tax returns have been obtained and examined on national television. No big surprises on it.  The bulk of his taxes were due to the alternative minimum tax which, surprisingly, is one of the taxes that he wants to abolish. (Source: New York Times)

3/15/17 - Trumpcare doesn't only affect people without insurance. According to the CBO, you could lose your insurance if you get your insurance through your employer.  Seven million such people could lose their insurance under this plan.  (Source: Boston Globe)

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