Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Are You Terrified Yet? - Trump Log #24

North Korea probably has a nuclear bomb right now that can reach Hawaii. Shortly, they'll have one that can reach the West Coast of the US mainland putting such cities as Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco in their sights. By the end of the Trump administration (if he last four years), they will probably have one that could reach the East Coast putting all of us at risks. Just think of what a bomb of that magnitude would do a modern American city! You will not have to be in one of these cities to feel the devastation. The fallout will spread for miles, for years, while the global economy would crash. Terrifying? Yes!  The fact that we have an unstable, immature, ego-maniac in charge while this could happen makes it tenfold.

If you think the people calling this man's impeachment are annoying ... think again.  This is real. 

Trump Log:
4/19/17- In Trump's first 100 days, he has spent twice Obama's annual travel budget. Do you remember Republican complaining about Obama playing golf? You don't hear a lot of them complaining now. (Source: Slate)

4/20/17 - It has become a joke, Trump stating that a aircraft carrier is headed to the Korea Peninsula when it was actually heading south toward Australia. But this is serious. Whether it was miscommunication between him and the Pentagon or a "bluff,", we'll probably never know, but this has caused some major anxiety with one of our greatest allies. (Source: New York Times)

4/21/17 - Trump's Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is using similar techniques of his boss drawing specious correlations between illegal immigration and coming down hard on the police in some of America's largest cities (including New York City, Chicago and Santa Cruz). This administration's only tool on the bully pulpit is lying. (Source: The Atlantic).

4/22/17 - Trump skips security briefings but watches Fox News all day. So why did he think the US Carl Vinson was near North Korea? He heard it on Fox News, of course. (Source: Washington Post).

4/23/17 - From an environmental viewpoint, this is the worst Presidency at the most critical time in history. (Source: New York Times)

4/24/17 - No one seems to know where Trump is going in his policies towards Iran. He is inconsistent and acting somewhat like a bully. (Source: New York Times)

4/25/17 - During the campaign Ivanka Trump talked about her father's child care tax break. Now she is trying to get it passed through Congress. It would give working families a whopping $20.00 in tax savings while wealthy families could save thousands. (Source: Slate)

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Olga Hebert said...

I said right from the beginning that my biggest fear was North Korea. Two unstable, volitile world leaders in a pissing contest is not likely to turn out well.