Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trump Log #21

If Trump were caught on video havng sex with a donkey while burning an American flag and singing the Russian national anthem, he wouldn't lose a single one of his supporters. He mentioned this phenomenon during the election that he could shoot someone and it wouldn't affect his campaign. Regardless of how bad of a President this guy is, it will not change the mind of his base. I have seen some detractors who regret voting for him, but his core base of supporters have remained loyal. I don't expect this to change. He was elected by some very dumb people with a dim view of reality and also, by the top .1 % richest people who are so greedy and corruptible that all they care about is their own net worth regardless who he hurts in the process. No time or energy should be spent trying to change their minds. We don't need them to impeach this man. We just need the political will. They are the minority, vocal yes, but very small.

Trump log: 

3/29/17 - Trump is trying to block former Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying to Congress about Russia. He must have something to hide. (Source: Washington Post)

3/30/17 - We usually have human rights requirements for anyone that we sell weapons to.  Not anymore, at least not for Bahrain.  What does this say to the rest of the Middle East? (Source: New York Times)

3/31/17 - Trump is easing combat rules in Somalia that were intended to prevent civilian deaths.  (Source: New York Times)

4/1/17 - Donald Trump has settled in the class action suit against Trump University. He has been found guilty of using "high-pressure sales techniques and false claims" to sell admission to his bogus for profit "school." Over 3700 students were rewarded $25 million ... that is 90% of the tuition that was paid by this group. If he wasn't a fraud, then why would he have settled. (Source: New York Times)

4/2/17 - Ten years ago, a bunch of graduates signed up for a program where if they worked as a civil servant, their student loans would be forgiven.  Now that their ten years is done, Trump says ... hold on there ... (Source: New York Times)

4/3/17 - Trump is popular with at least one group, Arab leaders. (Source: Slate)

4/4/17 - Trump signs a bill that will allow internet companies to sell your on-line activity.  (Source: New York Times)

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