Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Of Unicorn Budgets and Rats Fleeing Sinking Ships - Trump Blog #29

The President's budget is a Republican douche bag wet dream. It contains huge tax cuts for the very rich while hurting everyone else and devastating the poor. Balanced budget? ... that will be delivered by unicorns with Bernie Madoff style accounting techniques and Jedi mind tricks. Not much that looks like reality in it. Luckily it will die quickly.

And now, his first international trip was a success ... mostly because he only embarrassed us a little bit. Well, maybe not a little bit, maybe less than we expected. The bar is low and getting lower. As if you didn't see this yet, here is a video of our leading pushing aside the prime minister of Montenegro to get to the front of a photo op.  No class!

5/24/17 - Trump's staff was woefully unprepared for this trip to the Middle East and the Vatican. (Source: Washington Post)

5/25/17 - The Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) report on the latest changes to Trumpcare are in. It is still awful. Now only 23 million Americans would lose their health care as opposed to 24 million from the older version.  The states it would badly affect the most, the red states (aka state that voted for Trump). (Source: Washington Post)

5/26/17 - Trump wants Germany to stop selling so many cars here in the US, even though the cars they sell here are manufactured here. (Source: Slate)

5/27/17 - Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, established a secret communications channel with the Russian ambassador in December to discuss the Syria civil war and other policy issues. The big question is, if that is all they were talking about, then why was the channel developed in secret? (Source: New York Times)

5/28/17 - Trump was chummy with Middle Easterners on his first trip abroad, but he was less successful with our oldest allies in Europe. So much so that German Chancellor Merkel stated that they could no longer rely on America anymore. (Source: Washington Post)

5/29/17 - The president wants us to believe two contradictory statements: (1) when a leak comes out of the White House, it isn't real and the report is "fake news," and (2) he is doing whatever can be done to stop the leaks (remember the ones that don't exist). (Source: Washington Post)

5/30/17 - Not only is Trump's administration understaffed, but it is getting thinner as major staffers resign. His communications director, Dubke, just resigned. Here come the rats fleeing the sinking ship. (Source: Washington Post)

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Olga Hebert said...

I have been suffering from acid reflux but did not want to see a doctor about it -- chalky swallowing tests followed by shoulder shrug and a prescription -- so I visited an intuitive healer. This is all about Trump angst, she said. Maybe the fact that it started last November was a tip off to her intuition. My grandson (age 10) said that makes sense since Trump is responsible for all bad things.
That shoving incident and his basking in the royal treatment in Saudi Arabia were so embarrassing. I loved watching Macron shake his hand, but it may have doomed US continuing in the Paris accord.
Now he is giving back mansions and will continue to wonder why we are not willing to let the Russian thing go?
It IS sickening.

Mark Peloquin said...

You're not the only person I know that has had physical illness since November. Anxiety can cause a lot of havoc with one's system. Stay well!